Bulk Candy

Bulk Candy

At Sticky’s Candy one of our biggest sources of pride is the amount of bulk candy we stock. Everything from various licorice, gummies and sours, different types of bulk chocolate, sugar-free varieties, even wrapped varieties for your convenience.

Bulk candy is great if you are planning a wedding, or corporate event and want to host a candy buffet. We can work with you to fit your budget, colour scheme, and mood!

We structure our bulk pricing in 3 different tiers which are easy to identify by section. This makes it easy to mix and match! You can scoop as many or little of each into your bag. Great fun when you have kids! Also, sometimes you only want ONE licorice mint and FIVE of the licorice babies!

Do you operate a Team Concession…. or?

We offer wholesale pricing to non-profit charity fundraisers, school groups, and team concessions. Many buy bulk candy and then resell as Goody Bags, or Candy Grab Bags. We can also supply the bags and offer tips for success. Please contact the store by phone or email for more information, or to order.

Planning a Candy Buffet?

A Candy Buffet has become a popular alternative to a traditional dessert bar for weddings, reunions, corporate events, graduations, and more! Candy buffets can be tailored to fit your budget, your theme, and your mood.

Our staff are always available for suggestions to get you the most bang-for-the-buck. We can also refer you to unique sources for glass containers, and a variety of styles of scoops and tongs.

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