Freeze Dried Candy

One of the main benefits of freeze-dried candy is that it can last much longer than the original candy, but how long depends on how you store it. In ideal conditions, freeze-dried food has been known to last for 25 years or longer.  

Nasa developed some foods that could be sent on long-duration spaceflights, the process reduced the weight of the water and oxygen normally found in food There are foods that don't freeze dry. This includes butter, honey, jam, syrup, pure chocolate, and peanut butter.

You will receive your candy in a food-safe bag. The bag is resealable and will arrive heat-sealed above the tear notch.

For maximum freshness after opening the bag, keep the bag sealed or keep the candy in an air-tight jar andavoid exposure to moisture/humidity.We are sure you won’t keep them for later because they are so good. It's fun for everyone, but especially for those who can't eat chewy candies for dental reasons.

During the freeze-drying process, nothing extra is added to the candy. Our freeze-driers are only used to freeze dry fruits, candies, ice cream, and cheesecakes. They are never used for freeze-drying meat.

We will do our best to keep the candy from getting damaged during the shipment.For any candy crumbs/dust left in the bag, sprinkle it on ice cream, yogurt, and icing,

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Personalized stickers on candy bags can be an option – please message us with any questions.

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