We all have our special loves and areas of expertise. When you come in to our store we try to make the experience as sweet as possible! Visiting a candy shop should be fun, and we keep that in mind.

Candy Bouquets

Our famous candy Bouquets are available for pick up, or local delivery only. Call us or Visit us in store to find out more information!

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Come Say Hi!

Some things are experienced better when you come in person. Not only do we have all of our candy and sweets, but we also have an extensive rootbeer collection, a wide range of ice cream flavours, and so much more!

Freeze Dried Candy

One of the main benefits of freeze dried candy is that it lasts longer! Based on NASA processes, we have mastered the art of preserving candy in a unique way, and make it enjoyable for everyone!

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Nostalgia Collection

Some of your favourite classics are found here.

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Harry Potter Candy

Experience the wizarding world with this amazing collection of inspired products.

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what else we have in store

Not only do we have over 60 flavours of rootbeer, and over 24 flavours of ice cream, there are something you need to see to believe!

  • Retro & Nostalgia

    Bulk, old-fashioned, sugar free, sweet or salty, we are your one-stop shop for all things candy.

  • Root Beer

    Home to the Root Beer Festival, we are experts in this sweet and smooth beverage, with an extensive collection to choose from.

  • Licorice

    Oh, so many to choose from! We carry salty as well as sweet varieties. We Carry Licorice from around the world!

  • Fresh Fudge

    Enjoy a piece or two of our delicious homemade fudge, or explore our in-store bakery for one of our delicious treats.

  • Imported

    We have a vast collection of imported candy and chocolate from all around the world. Come in store to explore what we have!